Our Agents

Bob Larschan

Licensed Agent / Business Owner

Bob has been helping residents of the Treasure Coast with their insurance since 1978. Bob and his wife have raised their two daughters and have been very active in the community and the school system. He is the proud grandfather of 3.

He is the owner of the agency and his expertise is specializing in Employee/Employer benefits and group plans. Customer service is his # 1 goal. He has the knowledge and experience to design benefits to meet the needs of both the employer and employees.
Please contact Bob Larschan at bob@abettersolutionins.com

The Vero Team

Krissie Berni

Licensed Agent

Mrs. Krissie Berni is a dedicated top selling agent.

Jennifer Pryor

Licensed Agent/Office Manager

Mrs. Jennifer Pryor is a licensed agent and office manager.

Trish Atwell

Licensed Agent

Mrs. Trish Atwell is a dedicated top selling agent.

The Sebastian Team

Micky Decker

Licensed Agent

Ms. Micky Decker is a licensed health insurance agent.

David Brzozowski

Licensed Agent

Mr. David Brozozowski is a licensed health insurance agent.

Todd Benson

Licensed Agent

Mr. Todd Benson is a licensed health insurance agent

Patrick Graham

Licensed Agent

Mr. Patrick Graham is a licensed health insurance agent

The Port St. Lucie/Ft. Pierce Team

Michelle Fenimore

Licensed Agent

Ms. Fenimore is a licensed health agent and RN.

Markus Mueller

Licensed Agent

Mr. Mueller is a licensed agent.

Our Licensed Agents

Alice Johnson

Please contact Alice Johnson at 772-321-4920 or alice@abettersolutionins.com

Rodrigo A. Manrique

Please contact Rodrigo Manrique at 772-453-9847 or rodrigo@abettersolutionins.com

Neil Ferguson

Please contact Neil Ferguson at 772-713-1250 or neil@abettersolutionins.com

Sue Singh

Please contact Sue Singh at
954-675-6575 or sue@abettersolutionins.com

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