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Individual Health Insurance

A Better Solution Insurance Services offers a multitude of insurance policies from a low monthly premium to high budget “bells or whistles” plan. We can offer a plan that fits your needs and your budget!

Short Term/Temporary Insurance

Lost your benefits due to a job change or missed the open enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act plans? Or Just need a health plan to fill in the gap? Consider a short term care from A Better Solution Insurance Services. We can protect your health until you find a new job with benefits.


A Better Solution Insurance Services will:

  • Figure out your Medicare needs
    When turning 65 you have major decisions in your health care. Let us assist you in taking the confusion out of this decision by helping you decide which plan works best for you.
  • Get accurate medical quotes
    We offer supplemental plans, drug plans, and advantage plans to assist you with paying your medical expenses. Contact us today to find out which is best for you!
  • Listen to you about your health needs
    We will listen to you and walk you through understanding Medicare and what you personally need from Medicare coverage.
  • Provide personal service
    We are a full service agency that assists you in any questions or needs, even after the policy is sold.

Group Insurance

Secure company benefits to become a great employer. Offering benefits to employees makes you a competitive employer in your field.

Good benefits mean that you will attract excellent workers who will want to stay with the company long term.

You can select all types of health insurance plans and products to provide your employees with the necessary insurance protection for their families.

We offer:

  • Health insurance plans
  • Life insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Disability coverage
  • Supplemental insurance
  • Vision
  • Retirement
  • Voluntary Plans

Let us review your group benefit plans and improve your benefits package. We can provide the perfect insurance solutions for your needs! We offer both employer and voluntary paid plans.

We have superior customer service. If you feel you aren’t getting what you need from your agent, contact us and experience the difference.

Dental Insurance

Dental issues are one of the most prevalent issues across the United States. Good dental care can add years on to your life. Everyone should see the dentist at least twice a year, and more depending on any gum or tooth problems.

Let A Better Solution Insurance Services provide you a plan you can afford and trust.

Dental insurance covers:

  • Routine cleanings
  • Sealants
  • Surgeries and crowns
  • Fillings
  • Root canals
  • In network and out of network provider discounts

Accident Insurance

Insurance is much like a safety net, especially health insurance. You and your family need to have health insurance in the event of any emergencies. Since we cannot predict how life turns out, we must protect ourselves and our families as best we can.

Critical Illness

Critical Illness coverage helps protect your family from the financial impact that can occur as the result of a heart attack, stroke or even cancer by providing lump sum payments directly to you upon the first diagnosis of one of the covered illnesses.

Choose your benefit! $10,000 – 50,000 (in $5,000 increments).

Coverage is available for individuals and family members.

Vision Insurance

Your vision is important. We have a low cost vision plan with low copays for routine eye exams and eyeglasses or contacts.

Discounts are available for other services like Lasik or PRK vision correction.

Life Insurance

Why is life insurance important?

Life insurance makes sure that:

  • All bills are paid on your passing
  • No financial burden is left to your family
  • Family has money to pay off your home or other assets
  • Retirement can be supplemented
  • Education can be funded for children
  • Financial Security
  • Lifetime Income

Long Term Care

Benefits are used to pay for care while you are recovering from an illness that is short term and/or a long term disability that would cause you to need care at home or in a facility.

Our Customers

“Very nice and knowledge ladies here. Working with them as a legally disabled person to try and purchase a Medicare supplement to help with my $1005 PER MONTH DEDUCTIBLE ( medically needy share of cost ) and these people came highly recommended by 4 Vero Beach natives” ~Chris W.

“I found Trish to be extremely helpful to my family getting us set up for 2017. There seems to be problems on the upper level with Florida Blue at times and that gets spun back on the agent unfortunately even if it’s not their fault. Trish is very good and very thorough. I wouldn’t want to use anyone else. I’m very happy with the service we have at A Better Solution.” ~Andrew N.

“I’ve been dealing with insurance companies for decades. Better Solution Insurance is by far the best folks I’ve ever worked with….Do yourself a favor and go with this company. Ask for Kristy, She will make your insurance life SO much easier.” ~KB B.

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